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About Us

At Maritime Moissanite our core belief is to offer luxury, stylish, conflict-free, quality jewelry at an affordable price. With every woman in mind, we offer a wide selection of Canadian sourced rings to meet every shoppers needs. Whether you are shopping for your dream engagement ring, a matching wedding band, a piece to travel with or an anniversary ring (the possibilities are endless), Maritime Moissanite makes having these beautiful rings attainable for everyone. We also offer custom rings for the couple looking to design their own one of kind piece. Whether you have your own design or need a little inspiration we are available to help you every step of the way. 

Don't think we're a shop designed only for women, we offer an assortment of men's rings as well. With amazing wearability, you can find the perfect band to match your style and budget with Maritime Moissanite. 

REAL TALK! Investing into quality, affordable moissanite allows you to have the dream ring you have always wanted without compromising your finances. When you have a wedding to pay for,  a new house down payment coming up or a baby on the way,  the last thing you want to worry about is a huge price tag on that dream ring. For the conscious consumer, Maritime Moissanite offers you the ultimate shopping experience.  Combining conflict-free, environmentally friendly, locally sourced, moissanite at an affordable price makes it the socially responsible choice when shopping for your ring. 

Maritime Moissanite undoubtedly serves the maritimes and the rest of Canada, however we ship globally for all our international customers.